About Centre for Education & Training (CET)

There may be different tools/ methods/ mechanisms to achieve Quality. Accreditation is one such tool. In Healthcare, accreditation is now available almost for all types of organisations ranging from a medical laboratory to a super speciality hospital. While medical laboratory accreditation is being offered in accordance with international standard ISO 15189, other types of healthcare organisations are covered under NABH accreditation programs.

For non-medical laboratories like the one engaged in testing and calibration, accreditation is being offered as per ISO/IEC 17025. It is high time that professionals and organisations must make use of this tool to improve. However, the greatest challenge in moving further in this direction is lack of desired education and training. There is huge gap looking into the numbers of such organisations existing in the country and abroad. To make this a reality, QAI has established Centre for Education & Training (CET) to impart education, training and consultation on various requirements of accreditation.

Consultancy Services